4 Most Unlikely Wearable Technology You Must Own!

18-Jul-2017 04:24 PM Latest Trends

Before the millennium struck, we had sweet promises made to us. Flying shoes, hoverboards... and the list continues. Now it's been almost two decades, and although Marty McFly's hoverboards haven't yet been a possibility, we do have some of the televised wearable technology at hand.

You don't have to be a techie to wear technology in your everyday life. But, if you are one, you would surely like to take a look at the list of 4 most unlikely wearable technology we have curated just for you.

1. NFC Bluetooth Ring

The first version of the NFC Bluetooth Ring landed in the year 2013 and more versions of it came up since then. The 2016 NFC is an upgraded avatar which can be programmed and reprogrammed to perform daily tasks and send data in an effective yet fun way. You can use your NFC ring to share information with your friends and make payments. And the best part is, you can use the NFC ring to make up for your forgetfulness. If you are one of those who keeps forgetting to take the key to the front door, then this Bluetooth ring is for you. Make your front door NFC enabled and leave your keys behind.

2. Ava Bracelet

Planning to start a family? The Ava Bracelet makes it easy to track your fertility throughout the month. The bracelet allows the user to keep a close watch on the best time to conceive, thus increasing the success rate. It has ten different sensors that measure not just body temperature but heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, heat loss and more to give a holistic view of the body condition. And the best part is, you can track all these readings on your smartphone. This is a revolutionary tool in the field of fertility tracking.

3. Mi.Mu Gloves

The latest fad in music creation is using your hands. But not empty hands mind you, only gloved hands. The Mi.Mu Gloves let you create music by gesturing your hands. Compatible with both MIDI and OSC, the wearer can control everything from pitch to reverb through his/her gestures. And it does not hamper with the artist's performance in case s/he wants to play other instruments. The algorithms on the Mi.Mu sensors help in converting the data received from the gloves into gestural information. More and more artists are exploring this now, especially the EDM addicts.

4. Thync Relax Pro

Stress is becoming a closer friend than our BFF, but none of us wants that. Higher levels of stress can induce many fatal diseases! But now, you can use the Thync Relax Pro to check your chronic stress issues. It is a neurostimulation wearable powered by two programs called Deep Relax and Deep Sleep which run for a minimum of 10 and 15 minutes respectively. The Thync Relax Pro will help transport you to a world of slumber by stimulating the nerves at the base of your neck, creating a relaxed sensation gradually. The sensation can be increased and decreased as per the user's demand. And, you can carry it wherever you go. So, take a nap anytime, anywhere, on the go!