4 Things to Learn from Dropbox

21-Jun-2017 10:37 AM Digital Marketing

Dropbox climbed the ladder of success (metaphorical ladder, mind you) by bagging hundreds of thousands of users in just a fortnight of going public. And pretty soon, it reached a million, 500 million and $10 billion valuations, and so the journey goes on. Startups have always dreamed of scaling heights such as this but very few rarely do. And the few that do reach such heights have a lot to teach the amateur entrepreneurs.

Let's dive into the key takeaways from Dropbox's road to fame.

1. Why Python?

The Dropbox team used Python as a primary language as this saved them loads of time and effort that went into coding. Using Python has simplified the maintenance process to a significant degree. Also, Python enables users to use it across many platforms and devices which makes it easier for more people to access their stored files and in less amount of time too.

2. Hey! What about the Linux users?

Most of the early users used Linux, yet they did not have any option when it came to cloud storage. This was quite a potential that was untapped and could help Dropbox increase its reach. And so, Dropbox released a Linux client the day it went public.

3. Is there anyone who doesn't want something free?

Dropbox tapped into this human instinct in the right manner by giving free space to any user who followed or liked them on social media platforms. And it wasn't just for one platform. Every platform would have an added freebie. Following on Twitter or Facebook would get them a free space of 125 MB for each platform.

4. Up for a game?

In any business, retaining old consumers is more important than getting new ones. Dropbox came up with a simple yet exciting strategy for this. Dropquest has generated high user engagement through puzzle games and scavenger hunts.

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