5 Deadly Sins of Graphic Design

10-Aug-2017 01:38 PM Digital Marketing

Like any artist, designers can be hypersensitive when it comes to their creations. Most often they overlook the fact that they are actually working for clients rather than themselves. However, they must remember five sins they must avoid at any cost.

Thou shalt not overlook the details

Details are the key to a perfect design. You should be able to combine different elements to create a visually appealing look. Keeping it minimalistic without any clutter is the way to go.

Thou shalt never ever turn a blind eye to alignment

Alignment is one of the most basic principles of graphic design. It creates order and organization amongst all the elements thereby producing harmony. However, you can always mix and match alignments as per the requirement for a funky feel.  

Thou shalt not ignore the color wheel

Colors are probably the most important aesthetic tool available. They convey the right emotive messages instantly. Colors affect a viewer's decision more than we realize. If you are visiting the website of a sportswear brand, you would expect bright and energetic colors rather than toned-down colors to reflect the activeness and robustness.

Thou shalt not disregard typography

Choosing the right font makes all the difference. A designer has to understand the context and use fonts accordingly. You can't use Comic Sans for a government form. You simply can't.

Thou shalt not underestimate the power of design elements

Line, shape, texture are some of the many design elements available at a designer's disposal. You can use varied design elements to produce a feel of symmetry. But all the elements must be used sparingly and tied together in a smooth manner.

The next time you sit to design your latest masterpiece, make sure to keep away from these five sins, and this should get you a direct entry to the Designer Heaven.