Mobile Optimization Is The Way To Go

08-Jun-2018 04:14 PM Digital Marketing

If you’ve been in the online marketing space for quite some time, you must be familiar with the term ‘mobile optimization’. This buzzword is acquiring greater importance with each passing day as the number of mobile users grow. So, what exactly is mobile optimization? In si[...]

The Rise of Introverts in the Digital Market

01-Jun-2018 09:33 AM Digital Marketing

Back in the 1980s, marketing meant an in-your-face attitude, being outspoken, and having an outgoing streak, all of which are extroverted qualities. Fast forward to 2018 and the dynamics have changed drastically. Now in this digital age, a marketer needs to be well-informed about[...]

3 Ways to Utilize Local SEO for your Business

25-May-2018 09:46 AM Digital Marketing

According to a recent study, about 40% of all mobile users search for local businesses on the internet. And with the increase in internet and smartphone users in the past few years, the local SEO market has seen an outstanding growth. As such, it has become more important than ev[...]

Mother's Day Special: Leadership Lessons From Mothers

11-May-2018 10:52 AM Digital Marketing

“A mother always knows best,” maybe an old proverb, but it is quite applicable even in this day and age. Mothers are usually our first teachers. Right from learning the first word till the day you graduated from college, your mother was with you through thick and thin. She ha[...]

Getting in Touch with Your Creative Self

06-Apr-2018 06:19 PM Digital Marketing

While measuring employee productivity, office atmosphere is definitely a factor worth observing. The atmosphere and ambience of an office goes a long way in defining the productivity and output of the workforce. This includes: appearance and comfortability.The appearance of the o[...]

Do I Need to Blog Regularly?

29-Mar-2018 02:58 PM Digital Marketing

As a blogger, there is one question that might always bug you — “Do I need to blog regularly?” Well, for starters, there are no hard and fast rules to the number of blogs that you can pen in a day. Some bloggers blog every day, while others do once a week or even once a mon[...]

Four Digital Marketing Trends That Will Rock 2018

01-Feb-2018 11:50 AM Digital Marketing

2017 saw the rise of chatbots, augmented reality, and app marketing. But, it is not necessary that what worked last year, will work this year as well. After all, lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, does it? So, without further ado, here are the four digital marketin[...]

Facebook in for a Face Change

19-Jan-2018 06:35 PM Digital Marketing

Facebook is in for an algorithm change and a major overhaul, which is going to change the way we interact on this social media platform. It is going to change how it ranks the posts, videos, and photos that appear in its users’ ‘News Feeds’, introducing imminent changes on [...]

Four Digital Marketing Trends that Ruled 2017

29-Dec-2017 06:33 PM Digital Marketing

With the smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbots that engaged us with their witty banter and the apps that kept us glued to our screens with their interesting offers, the digital market saw the rise of many new trends in 2017. Here are four trends that ruled 2017 and changed[...]

How to Advertise on Pinterest

11-Dec-2017 09:41 AM Digital Marketing

Advertising on Pinterest fares better than the other platforms available. Pinterest employs several micro-targeting techniques which increase your chances of brand visibility and traffic. But this can be achieved with some initiatives that should and should not be taken.Images T[...]

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