Master 5 SEO and Content Marketing Shifts

19-Sep-2017 01:31 PM Digital Marketing

Google has thrown a lot of challenges for marketers in the last five years. While some marketers have struggled to adapt to these massive changes, others are thriving because they have learned to stay ahead by focusing on content and quality. As we head into the latter part of [...]

What’s Your Brand Story?

06-Sep-2017 05:31 PM Digital Marketing

Not very long ago in the concrete jungle of Advertising, lived a brand surrounded by a mob of competitors. Struggling to make ends meet, the brand tried every possible trick in the marketing book — hand-painted and LED billboards, tri-boards, wallscapes. Nonetheless, it lay burie[...]

5 Deadly Sins of Graphic Design

10-Aug-2017 01:38 PM Digital Marketing

Like any artist, designers can be hypersensitive when it comes to their creations. Most often they overlook the fact that they are actually working for clients rather than themselves. However, they must remember five sins they must avoid at any cost. Thou shalt not overlook the [...]

4 Things to Learn from Dropbox

21-Jun-2017 10:37 AM Digital Marketing

Dropbox climbed the ladder of success (metaphorical ladder, mind you) by bagging hundreds of thousands of users in just a fortnight of going public. And pretty soon, it reached a million, 500 million and $10 billion valuations, and so the journey goes on. Startups have always dre[...]

How to Pick the Right Growth Hacker for your Company

01-Jun-2017 02:23 PM Digital Marketing

So you own a company and happened to hear about the miraculous benefits of growth hackers. Now you simply can’t resist until you get one of your own. You have already managed to convince your partners to hire a growth hacker and now you are ready to launch the hiring process. How[...]

Growth Marketing: Then and Now

24-May-2017 04:40 PM Digital Marketing

You must have noticed how almost all the McDonald’s counters are stationed along highways? Was it just a random thought? Well, no. McDonald’s targeted the travel-weary travellers in the deserted highways very efficiently. This led to a constant flow of customers no matter what th[...]

Facebook's Growth: A Tale that Must be Told

10-May-2017 02:39 PM Digital Marketing

Once upon a time in a Harvard University dorm room, a drunk college-goer decided he could do better than the official Harvard website and sat down on the computer to prove himself. A week-long coding later, Mark launched And thus began a journey of epic proportio[...]

Debunking Growth Marketing Myths

03-May-2017 11:13 AM Digital Marketing

So you thought growth marketing was only about digital marketing for preset marketing goals. That it worked only for startups, right? Well, you are absolutely wrong. To understand growth marketing, you have to go beyond its popularized notions. The idea of growth marketing is qui[...]

All You Need to Know About Growth Hacker's Funnel from our Free Ebook

24-Apr-2017 11:37 AM Digital Marketing

Growth hacking is a term which is on every modern day marketer’s book. In a world which is highly competitive, growth hacking is attractive for the leaner marketing steps, and the quick results it promises. The process borrows from the worlds of marketing and coding, using the po[...]

[Free ebook Download] Top 5 Successful Growth Marketing Hacks

17-Apr-2017 10:01 AM Digital Marketing

One of the hardest parts of a startup’s life is the initial phase of establishing the brand. Even as a new venture tests waters with its products or offering, there is the challenge of simultaneously grabbing market attention and being noticed as a company. New age marketers poin[...]

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