Hey you..Be aware of fake online reviews

26-Apr-2016 05:08 PM Digital Marketing

Reviews are a great way to boost product sales. They give the customer a vivid idea of the product functionality. A detailed review can go a long way towards creating a positive brand image for the company. However, these days itís not uncommon to find imposters giving fake revie[...]

5 Ways smartphones have changed business

16-Apr-2016 12:45 PM Digital Marketing

Smartphones are swiftly changing the way millions of individuals around the globe conduct business. Mobile phones these days have the potential to improvise nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Mobile innovations are leading us to newer levels of connectivi[...]

Instagram feed update: What businesses should do

31-Mar-2016 03:34 PM Latest Trends

Facebook and Twitter have got their makeover, why should Instagram be left behind! Recent news about the Instagram feed update has alarmed small and big businesses that consider Instagram as an  important social media platform for their companyís growth. With the latest [...]

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