How To Create an Effective Google AdWords Campaign

13-May-2016 12:53 PM Digital Marketing

Launching a new AdWords search campaign is an elaborate process and can be strategic to the success of your communication plans.  You need to keep numerous important things in mind before launching the campaign. The following tips will help you in launching a successful Goog[...]

Top 5 Ways To Generate More Leads for Your Business

13-May-2016 12:45 PM Lead Generation

Any successful business requires substantial amount of leads to sustain its growth. Without leads, there will be no profit, and the future of your company can get jeopardized. Lead generation requires meticulous understanding of certain fundamental principles that can help your b[...]

How To Write A Good Marketing Email

12-May-2016 12:55 PM Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long way in the past few years. A well written email can do wonders in generating more subscribers for your product. So how do you draft that  email that can engage all your readers? To find out, read on.Include a catchy subject lineA catchy subjec[...]

WhatsApp Eyes B2B Services Market with a Full-fledged Desktop App

11-May-2016 05:59 PM Digital Marketing

WhatsApp keeps surprising us with some new features from time to time; like the one that allows us to choose the color of the pop-up notification or new privacy settings.The latest addition, a happy news for those who wish to use the popular messaging app beyond their smartphones[...]

The Best Lead Generation Models For Your Business

10-May-2016 12:52 PM Lead Generation

A good lead generation model can help your business to drive profitability and success . Once you identify which lead generation model is appropriate for you, you can work on it towards your business goal. Listed below are some of the successful lead generation models out there. [...]

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Content For Your Blog

10-May-2016 11:55 AM Content Marketing

Writing good content requires a great deal of attention and hard work. You need to be extremely meticulous in every aspect of the content and style to get the desired impact on your reader. Despite a careful approach, even an expert content writer can make mistakes. Some common m[...]

Developing A Winning Social Media Strategy

10-May-2016 11:38 AM Social Media Marketing

Being a successful social media marketer can be tough, especially if your business is a novice on digital networking platforms. However, following a smart social media strategy can help, to simplify and streamline your social media activities.Here are some tips to help you draft [...]

How To Generate Leads Through Mobile Marketing

10-May-2016 11:23 AM Lead Generation

A recent Morgan Stanley survey revealed that 90% of mobile phone users have their mobile phones with them round the clock, seven days a week. Mobile users have become target audiences that marketers cannot afford to ignore. Generating more leads and  revenue among this audie[...]

Facebook Says "Like" To Mother's Day With A Temporary Emoticon

06-May-2016 04:46 PM Latest Trends

Two days to go before the world celebrates the spirit of motherhood. Mother's Day has always been a special day for everyone of us, dedicating it to that special woman who made us what we are today. Facebook has marked Mother's Day in its own way, by launching a new flower emotic[...]

Why Businesses Need A Digital Marketing Strategist

05-May-2016 04:55 PM Digital Marketing

A clearly defined digital marketing strategy is essential for your business to succeed on different platforms. A digital marketing expert can help your organization frame an effective digital marketing strategy and align it with your business goals. Here are the top four reasons [...]

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