[Free Ebook Download] A Day in the Life of a Growth Marketer

27-Mar-2017 12:49 PM Digital Marketing

Imagine a growth marketerís (letís name him Cody) daily schedule, from a morning of fearless creativity to a night of knowing that heís got another day to analyze metrics, measure growth and get things done.In the tech industry, a lot of jobs have been created in the past; job ti[...]

Growth Marketing 101

21-Mar-2017 09:38 AM Digital Marketing

Growth marketing is the talk of the town. With the advent of startups success stories, it has also become a much-abused buzzword.Here's a simple explainer video from Verbinden that aims to demystify "Growth Marketing" and get to the very crux of the concept.We are sure this video[...]

How To Avoid Basic Mistakes In Your Content

03-Mar-2017 10:06 AM Content Marketing

Writing flawless, lucid content is a no-brainer. Or, is it? The communication avenues that the digital age has created has led to an insatiable demand for content, than ever before. It also means that content needs to be written for the moment in many cases, and often, in fewer w[...]

Growth Hacker Vs Digital Marketer

13-Feb-2017 02:05 PM Digital Marketing

The world is shifting towards digitization at rapid-fire speed. With every startup budding out, the focus exponentially increases on growth - achieving and sustaining it. You had an amazing idea that youíve piloted with a viable product, now the question is how do you get your au[...]

Top 5 Web Designing Tools You Need

20-Jan-2017 01:57 PM Digital Marketing

One of the many things that attract people into diving into a website when they open one is the look and feel of it. First impressions do matter when it comes to building your website. Web design plays a key role in making that first impression a lasting one.In the range of desig[...]

How To Find The Right Keywords For Your Blogs

13-Jan-2017 01:46 PM Content Marketing

Can you distinguish between SEO and a tight keyword packed article? Itís a fine line between. Keyword research is one of the greatest ways to have your articles search engine optimized (SEO). Keywords are those words or set of words that when searched online, will give a list of [...]

10 Apps Every Indian Should Have On Their Phone

07-Jan-2017 12:59 PM Digital Marketing

In todayís world, our smartphones are nothing short of a perfect man Friday- Itís efficient, loyal and always there when we need it. Whatever we require, from food to doctor to the repairman, our phone has all the answers. But with almost a million free apps in the app stores, fi[...]

How Often Should I Blog?

06-Jan-2017 12:15 PM Content Marketing

If you are a blogger, whether new or seasoned, you must surely have faced every bloggerís nagging dilemma: what is the ideal blogging frequency? How often should I blog to generate, sustain and grow the desired traffic for my blog post?Some bloggers get perplexed by the common ad[...]

8 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

30-Dec-2016 11:22 AM Digital Marketing

2016 was an amazingly successful year for digital marketing, thanks to machine learning algorithm which keep evolving, a push for local attribution, and the rise of digital assistants and chatbots. The digital marketing industry never seems to slow down. Growth channels, marketin[...]

Lean Canvas- Capture Your Business In One Go

23-Dec-2016 10:59 AM Latest Trends

Starting a business? Coming up with ideas can be quite challenging, but not as challenging as making it work. And one of the first steps towards taking on that challenge is creating a business plan. It is not difficult to create the model; however, it is slightly time-consuming w[...]

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