What Does Democracy Mean In A Workplace?

25-Jan-2018 02:19 PM Verbinden Communication

Freedom.A beautiful word. A wonderful concept. A fundamental right.People have fought and died for it. It is, in this century, the most talked about topic without a doubt. But how much is too much? Are rules really shackles? Can we function without any guideline at all?While thes[...]

Facebook in for a Face Change

19-Jan-2018 06:35 PM Digital Marketing

Facebook is in for an algorithm change and a major overhaul, which is going to change the way we interact on this social media platform. It is going to change how it ranks the posts, videos, and photos that appear in its users’ ‘News Feeds’, introducing imminent changes on [...]

Sowing and Reaping at Verbinden

12-Jan-2018 11:06 AM Verbinden Communication

You reap what you sow when building a business. This saying goes true for Verbinden Communication. While venturing into the startup business, a little intuition, a pinch of good luck, and a great deal of consistent planning went into getting the solid groundwork right for Verbind[...]

Four Digital Marketing Trends that Ruled 2017

29-Dec-2017 06:33 PM Digital Marketing

With the smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbots that engaged us with their witty banter and the apps that kept us glued to our screens with their interesting offers, the digital market saw the rise of many new trends in 2017. Here are four trends that ruled 2017 and changed[...]

Making a Human Out of Bot!

22-Dec-2017 04:30 PM Chatbots

What is that one thing that sets us humans apart from other living beings? The ability to converse. We humans are driven to talk and love to engage in conversations. This is one of the reasons why chatbots with AI (Artificial Intelligence) don’t click. While they are an efficie[...]

Chatbots as Marketing Tools

01-Dec-2017 10:53 AM Chatbots

There's a new buzzword in town, and it's called 'Chatbots.' The idea of chatbots is nothing new. Since the early 1960s, people have been interested in creating a robot able to communicate with humans. Since then, we've taken a considerable step forward with the launch of AI assis[...]

Outsourcing Your Marketing Responsibilities is the Way to GO

24-Nov-2017 05:25 PM Digital Marketing

Small businesses are always on the lookout for any opening or ways that can help them compete with their often-larger adversaries. For many, they may be ignoring one of the most beneficial advantages available to them: outsourcing. The term ‘outsourcing’ instills a negative f[...]

What 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Can Teach Us About Marketing

17-Nov-2017 12:04 PM Digital Marketing

The Wolf of Wall Street is considered one of the best, yet one of the most controversial movies that Hollywood has to offer. Based on the biography of Jordan Belfort with the same name, the movie’s intriguing story takes everyone on a rollercoaster ride, and Leonardo DiCaprio[...]

VR Here for Marketing!

10-Nov-2017 02:34 PM Digital Marketing

The emergence of new technologies is changing the digital marketing landscape. Currently, Virtual Reality is a trend that’s driving the wave as an effective marketing tool.Humans are simulated by their senses and love experiences more than words, and this is one of the reasons [...]

Content Marketing Lessons to Learn from the Video Game Industry

03-Nov-2017 02:57 PM Content Marketing

Video games have gathered a lot of popularity in the last few decades. The emergence of games like the Warcraft Series, The Last of Us, Counter Strike, and the Call of Duty Series, have helped the video game industry to become a powerhouse. We may or may not be able to able to le[...]

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