Everything About Storytelling in Content Marketing

10-Oct-2018 03:58 PM Content Marketing

Storytelling, as a promotional tool, is as old as time. People have passed on interesting facts by telling stories, which sometimes had lessons to learn. In business too, stories are a powerful tool for communication and promotion. Any content without a story is soulless and cust[...]

6 Things to do After Publishing a Blog Post

28-Aug-2018 03:02 PM Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a worthy investment for any company who wants to be discovered these days. When people visit your website, they understand the effort you put into the content, and your subject expertise. Eventually, they appreciate your content marketing efforts too. Evolut[...]

Chatbots as Marketing Tools

01-Dec-2017 10:53 AM Chatbots

There's a new buzzword in town, and it's called 'Chatbots.' The idea of chatbots is nothing new. Since the early 1960s, people have been interested in creating a robot able to communicate with humans. Since then, we've taken a considerable step forward with the launch of AI assis[...]

What 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Can Teach Us About Marketing

17-Nov-2017 12:04 PM Digital Marketing

The Wolf of Wall Street is considered one of the best, yet one of the most controversial movies that Hollywood has to offer. Based on the biography of Jordan Belfort with the same name, the movie’s intriguing story takes everyone on a rollercoaster ride, and Leonardo DiCaprioâ€[...]

The Customer is Still King

27-Oct-2017 10:54 AM Digital Marketing

The customer is still kingIt’s the oldest trick in human history. If you want to win someone over, make them feel special. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to win back lost favor, or garner a new relationship. Apply the same logic to marketing, and you have a satisfied client b[...]

5 Handy Tips Before You Start-up!

02-Aug-2016 02:10 PM Startups

A big part of what makes a new company's culture fun, engaging and unique is the setting up of its new office. Most startups reach a point where running a company from the garage or their dad's basement just doesn't cut it anymore. It's very important to find an office that suits[...]

The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

28-Jul-2016 03:32 PM Digital Marketing

"Do what you do so well that people can't resist telling others about you"- Walt Disney.Disney sure had a point here. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool you could have, with people constantly sharing their experiences with friends over the phone or face-to-face. Statistics [...]

5 Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing

14-Jul-2016 05:40 PM Social Media Marketing

Social media has now become the first option for marketing products and services, relaying and exchanging information and even having conversations. But if we don't end up using it efficiently, effectively and strategically it might just be the biggest waste of time in history!He[...]

Build your Brand Presence on LinkedIn

11-Jul-2016 05:49 PM Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is considered to be a 'professional networking' site - an online platform that is primarily reserved for recruiters and job seekers. However, in the current social media savvy world, LinkedIn has quickly evolved into a thriving social network that not only serves as a re[...]

The 6 Best PR Mobile Apps to Digitally Market Your Business

21-Jun-2016 05:19 PM Digital Marketing

Being in digital marketing industry, it becomes very important to get out to media houses and publishers for getting your pitch a "yes". If you get to do that without even approaching those people, through the app, how much time will this save for you needs consideration. Here ar[...]