Content Marketing Lessons to Learn from the Video Game Industry

03-Nov-2017 02:57 PM Content Marketing

Video games have gathered a lot of popularity in the last few decades. The emergence of games like the Warcraft Series, The Last of Us, Counter Strike, and the Call of Duty Series, have helped the video game industry to become a powerhouse. We may or may not be able to able to learn how to develop or distribute a game. However, there is a far more valuable lesson that we can learn from this industry – the art of content marketing.


Good video games always have good stories. Let us take an example – The Last of Us. What is the one thing that stands out about a video game? The game’s story and the way it has been presented. Similar to the video game industry, storytelling also plays a vital role in content marketing. After all, what is the most efficient way to market a product to the world? An intriguing story told in the most convincing way possible.

Appealing the Customer

If you have ever played a video game or seen anyone playing it, then you might already know how visually appealing a game is. Often it is the first thing you would notice about it. Full credit to the designers and the developers of the games for this feature. While you can’t make use of graphics in your content, you can do the same by articulating it in the most eye-pleasing way possible.

Building a Community

Ever seen a gaming community? You will always find gaming enthusiasts preaching about how good a game is. That is the kind of community the video game industry has built over the years. Just imagine a community like that preaching about your content. Did you get the idea? Good, now start building one!

Going Social

During the late 2000s, video game companies realized that conventional ways of marketing weren’t  enough to sell their products. Hence, they decided to make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to reach out to people to market their games. So, the next time you come up with the content for a nice blog, don’t forget to go social to market it.

It is fascinating how much we could learn about content marketing from the video game industry. Maybe we wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t drawn the parallels like we did.

Stay tuned for more of such blogs on content marketing, social media marketing, and latest trends. Until next time, au revoir.