Do I Need to Blog Regularly?

29-Mar-2018 02:58 PM Digital Marketing

As a blogger, there is one question that might always bug you — “Do I need to blog regularly?” Well, for starters, there are no hard and fast rules to the number of blogs that you can pen in a day. Some bloggers blog every day, while others do once a week or even once a month. If statistics are to be believed, then in 2013 Huffington Post published about 2,000 blogs every day. Now, you might be thinking that frequency does matter. Not really. Don’t believe us? Ask American self-help author, blogger, and entrepreneur Mark Manson. 

As of 2018, Mark’s blog count is about 1 or 2 in a week and he is not the only one. Another famous website, Wait But Why, also follows the same logic and focuses more on the quality of the content, rather than the quantity of the posts. Although both blogs have a low posting frequency, they have about a million visitors every month. 

This is very confusing, don’t you think? So, which of these blogging methods should you follow? Both these blogging methods are very effective. However, the number of times you blog in a month is not just about quality or quantity. Instead, it depends on these three crucial factors:

Goal and Purpose of Your Blog

Before you even start your blog, you need to ask yourself these questions — “What would be the goal of the blog? Who are the readers of the blog? What purpose would the blog serve? What is the “something new” that the blog will bring to the table?” Once you have figured these out, you can focus on the next step. 

Your Strategy

It is very important to have a strategy in place before you go posting 5–10 blogs a day or even a month. You will not only need to strategize for the blog content and SEO but also on how will it provide interest, which will help you build your audience. And, more importantly, how you will promote your blog. 
While starting your blog, these two points would play a major role. Once you have built your audience, the third and final step will come into the picture. 

Demands of Your Audience

After you have built your audience, you will need to figure out what and how much your audience wants to read from you. This is the reason why there is a comment section in most blogs so that your readers can give you their valuable feedback. You can also try engaging with your audience through Q&A sessions. Another option would be to check the already existing data of the number of viewers on each blog that you have posted. These things will help you understand the needs of your readers. Accordingly, you can plan your blog posts in a day, week, month, and a year. 

Well, there you have it, our answer to the question, “Do I need to blog regularly?” We hope you found this article helpful and in case that eternally confusing question bothers you again, remember — Quality + Well-planned Quantity = Excellence. Until next time, ciao!