How to Advertise on Pinterest

11-Dec-2017 09:41 AM Digital Marketing

Advertising on Pinterest fares better than the other platforms available. Pinterest employs several micro-targeting techniques which increase your chances of brand visibility and traffic. But this can be achieved with some initiatives that should and should not be taken.


The first thing about Pinterest is images. Fill your board with attractive images and catchy descriptions. But you must make sure to use pictures that are of high quality and vertical. It is through these photos that you can draw more traffic. It is always advisable not to use hashtags even though the platform allows you to use them. Too many hashtags might make them look cluttered and spammy. 


Perhaps many of you do this already yet all of you don't. Using the right keywords for a targeted approach is imperative. The keywords must be chosen by the context provided in the pin and the webpage directed to, and not just focused on targeting users.


A good tactic to promote your brand is by using a varied range of Pinterest ads. You can promote the brand through video pins, one-tap pins, cinematic pins and promoted app pins too.


It might be quite tempting but avoid using CTAs. Although it's allowed in the descriptions, it's better not to do so as it could lead the reader to see it as a pure advertising trick. Instead, you can do a softer version of it by using descriptions like "Here's my to-do list..." and so on.

Hope these pointers help you while you try to advertise on Pinterest.