Mother's Day Special: Leadership Lessons From Mothers

11-May-2018 10:52 AM Digital Marketing

“A mother always knows best,” maybe an old proverb, but it is quite applicable even in this day and age. Mothers are usually our first teachers. Right from learning the first word till the day you graduated from college, your mother was with you through thick and thin. She had to balance her career with her household work, make sure that you get the best education in the world, and compromise on her choices for your better future. But, she did it all anyway with a smile on her face, just for you. So on this auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day, here are some leadership lessons that you can learn from your mother:

Influence triumphs over position

Probably the first thing that you can learn from your mother is this — leadership is not about position, but about influence. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and go back to your school days — who played more a significant role in your life? Your school principal? Your class teacher? Or, was it your mother? You were probably scared of your school teacher and principal, but there was a part of you which didn’t care because you knew your mother always had your back. You knew she would fight anything till the bitter end for you and that inspired you to do better in academics. It was never the fear of the position of your teachers, but the influence of your mother which motivated you to be a better student. Leadership is all about inspiring others through influence.

People are more important than things

Remember the time you broke your mother’s favorite flower vase or the time you ruined the decoration she had spent hours to make? She still forgave you, but for some reason, if your heart was broken, she would spend hours talking to you. She would check on you from time to time just to ensure that you were okay. She would try to lift you from that darkness and bring you back to light because she knew that a material could be replaced, but humans are irreplaceable. As a leader, it is very important to acknowledge the value of your employees, especially the ones that are a great asset to your organization.

Opportunities are greater than limitations

Your class teacher scolded you in the class because you were either weak in a subject or had horrible handwriting. She threw your confidence to the curb by showing your limitations. You became sad and slipped into depression, and that is when your mother noticed you. She pulled you back on your feet, told you to focus on the things that you were good at and opportunities would eventually come to you. She knew that opportunities were always greater than limitations. As a leader, this is something that you have to acknowledge. As a human, you will have your flaws and so will your employees. What matters is not the flaws, but what you and your team can do despite the flaws.

These are a few from the many leadership lessons that your mother can teach you. We hope you found this article helpful. On an ending note — it is mother’s day and we know you are busy, but think about your mother and call her maybe.