Padman and Phullu: Story of Two Movies With Different Fates!

16-Feb-2018 10:46 AM Latest Trends

Usually, movies made on social causes are critically acclaimed, but rarely do we see them getting commercial success. Padman, the recently released movie, starring Akshay Kumar and Radhika Apte is based on a taboo topic in our society- menstruation. Even though the movie comes with a social message, that didn’t stop it from being a hit not just critically, but also commercially. 

Phullu, another movie with a similar social message, was well received by critics and did well at many film festivals. But it didn’t quite rise to fame amongst masses. So, what made the difference? Apart from the huge star cast and budget, what mattered the most in both these movies were the promotions and marketing campaigns. 

While Phullu kept the promotions low key, Padman utilized all possible ways to promote the movie. With millions of people hooked on to the Internet, Padman’s digital marketing strategies like running the ‘Padman Challenge’ on social media, partnering with online content brands like Miss Malini, Blush, YouTube, etc., ensured that it reached a wider set of audience. Apart from digital strategies, Sony Pictures Entertainment also tied up with the government, NGOs and local theaters for movie promotion. They also held special screenings in schools to raise awareness amongst young girls.

Two movies with great ideas, but one got the required attention and popularity better than the other. The reason why Padman could adopt and utilize such varied and wide range of marketing strategies is because it had the right marketing minds working behind it. One of them is the director, R. Balki, an ace ad-man with many popular ad ideas like "Daag Achche Hain" for 'Surf Excel', and "Jaago Re" for 'Tata Tea'. Also, having right agencies like Sony to distribute the movie mattered.

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