VR Here for Marketing!

10-Nov-2017 02:34 PM Digital Marketing

The emergence of new technologies is changing the digital marketing landscape. Currently, Virtual Reality is a trend that’s driving the wave as an effective marketing tool.

Humans are simulated by their senses and love experiences more than words, and this is one of the reasons why VR is picking up the gear when it comes to marketing and branding.  It’s a simulation and sensor-based technology that blends the best of both worlds, digital and real.

The VR Advantage

Immersive Customer Experience: 
One of the reasons why this technology drives customers is because it gives personalized user experience from the comfort of their own space. For example, Tata Motors used a DIY cardboard headset as part of their newspaper advertising campaign for their newly launched car, Tiago. The campaign gave many a virtual test driving experience along with their morning cup of coffee. Similarly, many real estates, home decor, and furniture companies are incorporating this technology as part of their sales strategy for virtual homes visits or planning interiors. VR makes customers happy as they get first-hand experience of your products.

Curiosity Nails the Customer: While VR has been around for a while, it’s still in its nascent stage, especially in branding and marketing. New technologies are always intriguing and the curiosity to try something different attracts the customer’s attention. Also, they feel more engaged and satisfied as they get to look and feel the product in a 3D environment, which in turn can lead to higher sales efficiency.

Increased Brand Awareness: Ever thought why 3D movies are so popular? It’s because they transport you into their world. Similarly, the interactive and immersive experience through VR can transport customers to your brand world, which will help them connect well with the brand. For example, Etihad Airways’ Nicole Kidman VR promotional campaign gave many a feeling of flying with the famous celebrity.

The list of possibilities to shape your brand through Virtual Reality is endless. Globally, many brands like Coca-Cola, Etihad Airways, McDonald's, Tata Motors and more have used this technology to its full potential for their campaigns. So when are you planning to include VR in your marketing strategy?