What's Your Brand Story?

06-Sep-2017 05:31 PM Digital Marketing

Not very long ago in the concrete jungle of Advertising, lived a brand surrounded by a mob of competitors. Struggling to make ends meet, the brand tried every possible trick in the marketing book - hand-painted and LED billboards, tri-boards, wallscapes. Nonetheless, it lay buried under the colossal heap of marketing/advertising junk. The only way to scale its way to the top of the advertising pyramid was by narrating its tale. And a tale must be told like it's really going to make a difference. 

Let me take you through the key pointers of the best way to formulate your brand story.

Who's the hero of your brand story?

If you thought your brand's story revolves around your brand then you are wrong! Your brand story must glorify the consumer. You must create the desire to need and want your product. They must feel they absolutely cannot do without your unique product. Every beat, image must center around your consumer. The purpose of the brand's existence is the consumer, not profits.

Does your story reflect the brand's values?

The brand story must express the core values of the brand throughout the brand's journey. It is critical to assure consumers that nothing will divert them off track to abandon the values. The goal must be to associate the brand with the particular value. Being consistent with the brand values helps the brand earn the consumer's trust which builds the brand's image.

Have you shared your happy moments?

Your consumers must know and identify with your past success stories. These create a bond between the old, trusted, relevant customers and the new, uncertain ones. The happy, vibrant images of past successes ensure new consumers that they too can depend on the brand.  

A compelling brand story creates a way for your audience to connect with you instantly. Your story deserves to be heard and we help you master the art of storytelling! Get in touch with us today!